-It's all started on the website:




  -This is a very nice website with MJ fans from all over the world.
   On this website we created a group named "Make an ill child's day brighter".

   You can see it here:



  -On the same website you can also read an article about our project:



 -There is also an article about the group and it's published in the on line magazine of the website:



This article is written by Yvonne Verhagen who supported us, and we are so grateful to her for doing this.


Thank you Yvonne my dear, for your help!


-Another MJ fan , her name is Iris and she is also from Belgium , helped us to contact the burn center.She was at work when she heard something about

this center and that the "VZW Pinocchio" needed support.

Immediately she sent me an e-mail with the needed information and I made contact with the burn center.

It worked.


So we want to say thanks to Iris for helping with this!


-You can find more information about the cause "Pinocchio" on their website:




What these people do for burned children is so beautiful, that we decided to support them whenever we can.


When we say thank you here to people, we want to say thank you very much also to Christine Wijgerse for all the translation work she always does for us!!

-We also want to give you this link because we found this a beautiful work.This people working on Michael's dream to make them happening so you can take a look here it is:



-We want to give you one last link on this topic.

It's a website with nice things about Michael himself and we hope you like it too,so here is the link:



We hope you will enjoy the information in the links and thank you for your attention!


Much L.O.V.E. from Marie-Ange , Chantal and Christine


                      It's all for L.O.V.E


                         Nothing can be published from this website, for the privacy of all the children.