Hello my dear friends,


We did our event “Walking For Love” on 08/09/2013.


Here in Belgium call it “The Death March” an international event where the participants walk 100 KM.


So we also participated and tried to finish the 100 KM.

We did our best and we walked 73 KM!!!!


We connected this event to charity.

It was our goal to make a visit to the Burn center so we asked to support us for this walking .

Thanks to all of you it was possible to make a visit to the Burn center we make there two children a bit happier with a present.


We donated also 200 euro’s to the causes “Pinocchio” and yes we had the chance to give a frame of “Michael Jackson” to hanging there on the wall in the day hospital. That’s so great!!!!


We thank you all for your support , without you all was this not possible!!!


You can see the complete event if you take a look on this video.

            There is nothing more beautiful than making children happy!!

                    It's all for L.O.V.E


                         Nothing can be published from this website, for the privacy of all the children.