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    krishna (zondag, 30 november 2014 18:01)

    Thank you all...on behalf of MJ fans

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    Dianna (Elieha) (dinsdag, 11 november 2014 10:33)

    You guys have done a great job with this site. I miss chatting with you all. God bless in all you do.

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    Vanessa (zaterdag, 20 september 2014 16:33)

    Op 18/09/2014 kwam je bij mijn zoon michael op bezoek in het militair ziekenhuis in Neder over heembeek.
    Toevallig is hij vurige fan van Michael jackson
    Bedankt voor de leuke cadeautjes
    Doe zo verder jullie maken vele kinderen gelukkig

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    Lesley Parker. (maandag, 08 september 2014 11:14)

    Hi, , what a beautiful video, so lovely to see Michaels work and Legacy carrying in such a lovely way, Michael would be Proud, , thanx soo much for sharing, take care , love and Big MJ Hugs to you All , and i am so proud to be able to be a part of this lovely donation for Michael, i hope to be for Always to , take care xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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    E. Michelle Billeaudeaux (donderdag, 08 mei 2014 03:14)

    Once again, y'all have amazed me! Y'all are truly Michael's Angels. peace, light & MichaeLOVE, Michelle

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    Jacqueline (maandag, 23 december 2013 14:03)

    I love the Fisher Price Ferris wheel toy shown near the end of the video. We have that toy here in the US too, and I think it's perfect to give in Michael's name. It reminds me so much of Neverland.

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    Jacqueline (maandag, 23 december 2013 13:47)

    It's always wonderful to see your amazing effort put forth and the loving results each Christmas and Easter with your visits in Michael's name.

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    Lieke, Nele en Maarten (donderdag, 19 december 2013 19:19)


    Jullie zijn gisteren op bezoek geweest op de kinderafdeling in Sint-Niklaas.
    Ook onze dochter Lieke lag daar.
    Wij willen jullie uit het diepste van ons hart bedanken. Ze heeft genoten van de clown. Zijn ballonnetje heeft ze nog niet uit het oog verloren en de andere cadeau's zoals het leerbeertje vind ze echt plezant.
    Bedankt om in deze tijd van het jaar de kleine zieken te verwennen.
    Bedankt uit het diepste van ons hart!!!!

    Lieke, Neleen Maarten

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    Pamela Schaar (zondag, 13 oktober 2013 00:07)

    Thank you for the invitation to view your site and for the acceptance in your group on FB! I cannot wait to go online with my laptop & see the videos & photos of all your group has accomplished! Cannot see in Mobile Phone...
    God Blessings to you all!
    Michael would be so very proud!
    Much L.O.V.E. TO ALL <3

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    Albert de Lugt (dinsdag, 17 september 2013 22:44)

    Wel Michael would love this site.
    Michael did a lot charity and the shame is that people dont think about it.There is nobody who gave more about charity then Michael to try to
    "Heal the World"

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    Shelina Popatia (maandag, 19 augustus 2013 08:20)

    Just wanted to stop by and say "Thank You" for sharing your new video.
    Congratulations on your accomplishment with the walk and also your donation.
    You ladies are amazing and I am always sooo moved to hear of all that you do in Michael's memory and name.
    God bless you!! Much LOVE from your friend and fan!! Shelina :) <3

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    Gessy (donderdag, 27 juni 2013 23:37)

    Beautiful this site, thank Chantal Marie-Ange en Christine for all the good that you do ... Michael would be proud of you .. God bless you all

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    Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux (donderdag, 20 juni 2013)

    The card for Paris is wonderful. Thank-y'all for including me in this card! peace, light & MichaeLove, Michelle (LYM)

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    Nancy Owen (zondag, 02 juni 2013 06:11)

    What a beautiful thing that you do, as my family knows from personal experience. MJ is smiling, his good works continue through you! Thank you!

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    Mariette Cardon (maandag, 27 mei 2013 20:32)

    Thanks Chantal Marie-Ange en Christine for all the good that you do, really!
    Big Thank you! for supporting our project in South Africa
    on behalf of the children sending you all a Big Hug and kisses xxx
    Love ya,
    Mariette & Irma

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    William WAGENER (maandag, 27 mei 2013 11:41)

    This is a good web site. Michael Would be proud.

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    Varsha Ramanna, India (zaterdag, 25 mei 2013 10:39)

    My dear friends,
    This is a really wonderful website and thank you for bringing this out! It really means a lot to each one of us when we take a journey through this website. It awakens us deep within, motivates to help the children and our people around us and important of all it makes us all feel and know that we are connected in the love of God and our Angel Michael.
    This website reflects the soul of Michael and his love. We are together here on this journey with Michael and let all our hearts beat together as One with Love.
    God bless you all
    Love you <3
    Varsha :)

  • #16 (donderdag, 23 mei 2013 22:12)

    Hallo, Hartelijk bedankt voor de uitnodiging die ik vandaag nog kreeg om jullie nieuwe website te bezoeken. Ik werd hierover reeds eerder bericht en ik heb me toen onmiddellijk ingeschreven voor the newsletter. Hopelijk deed ik dit correct. Dank voor al de vreugde die jullie aan zieke kinderen geven. Bedankt voor jullie prachtige facebookpagina en nu deze vernieuwde website. Wat jullie doen is bijzonder. Michael kijkt toe als een ster aan de hemel, fonkelend van trots op jullie. Ik ben blij om online met jullie kennis te mogen maken, want ook ik draag Michael in mijn hart. Vele groetjes, Kathleen xxx

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    MariJosee (dinsdag, 21 mei 2013 22:49)

    You name does reflect all the healing and love you are giving to the children.Your website is like Michael's heart and you are its blood.

    Thank you in keeping his legacy alive.

    Brightest Blessings to all,

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    Mary Helen Vasquez Luna (dinsdag, 21 mei 2013 06:53)

    Thank you for continuing Michael's life's work in careing for the children of the world. You ladies rock !!

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    Daisy (zondag, 19 mei 2013 22:57)

    Super website! Totally Michaeliscious!!! Good to know that MJ's work is continued by his fans. Let's keep MJ alive!

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    Brenda Beazley (zondag, 19 mei 2013 00:18)

    Truly a delightful and heartwarming compilation of the good works you beautiful ladies, Marie-Ange, Chantal, and Christine, are doing on behalf of the children... such an incredible honor to Michael's legacy... I know He must be bursting with pride as He watches from heaven seeing His Soldiers of Love carry on His mission... Bless you all for your selfless efforts in spreading the L.O.V.E.

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    Taniya (woensdag, 15 mei 2013 10:36)

    THIS is what makes Michael and his fans different and loving from the rest of the world.. I bet Michael is smiling down at you all for doing this for the children. The pics are so touching, just like we used to see Michael sharing the love with the ill children. Excellent work done in name of Michael. #MJFamily always making all proud. Keep up the good work!! Much L.O.V.E and Blessings xoxox

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    Shelina (woensdag, 15 mei 2013 09:54)

    I just wanted to say how much I was moved by seeing all that you have done and continue to do in Michael's name. Chantal, Marie-Ange and Christine YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Michael has always been my hero and biggest inspiration, and now you three ladies are also. How wonderful it must feel to know you are continuing Michael's legacy and bringing so much happiness to so many children. God bless you and continued success!! :) <3

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    CHRISTEL (maandag, 13 mei 2013 21:35)

    heel leuk knap werk

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    Tracey Newton (maandag, 13 mei 2013 08:35)

    What a great site,thankyou for our efforts. Please join our World Record for attempt for Michael. Please comment as many times as you can :-)

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    Waheeda Bee (zondag, 12 mei 2013 23:11)

    Hiya Chantal,Marie-ange n Christine,watever u ladies r doing to keep Michael's legacy alive is simply awesome BRAVO,u r Michael soldiers of love.He is proud of u n watching u.If u need my help anytime "I'LL B THERE",wish u all the best n may GOD BLESS U N YR AWESOME WEBSITE.Michael will always b in our heart no matter what.MICHAEL IS INNOCENT. ~JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL~ WaheedaBee from Mauritius.

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    Marry (dinsdag, 07 mei 2013 22:43)

    This is such a great initiative to act and help like Michael Always did His whole life... Caring, Loving. The Solution to make This World a much Better place!
    Keep on doing the good job.

    Marry XX

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    Paula (donderdag, 02 mei 2013 21:43)

    Knap werk dames, prachtige website, bedankt voor jullie inzet...
    Michael is trots op jullie !!!

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    Silvia Zemanová (donderdag, 02 mei 2013 08:20)

    Greetings to everyone!
    Girls, this site is awesome! That angels exist on earth! -girls, you are living proof !!!
    Really great work! Hats off to! You all really deserve praise for this amazing work! Thank you very much!

    ♥ Yes, it's very important to keep Michael's legacy alive, and to help restore his reputation in the world!!! ♥

    Good luck!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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    Vincent (woensdag, 01 mei 2013 23:48)

    Awesome new site! Well done. I like the look and layout. Of course, more important is the project you are working on. Great work!

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    Christine Walldén Sweden (woensdag, 01 mei 2013 23:22)

    What a beautiful website you have made <3 I will visit here many times!

    Thank You ALL for you work of L*O*V*E in Michael´s name for the children.

    With all my Love

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    Scheepmans Chantal (woensdag, 01 mei 2013 00:18)

    Thank you for creating this wonderful website. And what you do for keeping Michael's legacy alive is so wonderful. You can always count on me to support this project.
    Much L.O.V.E. ♥

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