Hello my dear friends,


When we  heard the news about Paris we were shocked!

We were thinking what could we do for her to support her.


So we made a card all by ourselves and sent it to Paris , with on the card all the names from our friends MJ fans all over the world.


With this card we like to show her that she is not alone in this world and that we love her very much too , just like we love her daddy!!


We sent the card out on Monday 06/10/2013 and we cross our fingers that the card really reaches to Paris herself.

You can see here our self made Card with all the names from our friends MJ fans all over the world on it.

Hello my dear friends,

We like to let you know that we are contributing to a small project, because we have things left from our latest hospital visit.

Also the burn center has no children hospitalized at the moment, which of course is good news.

This new project goes through 2 Dutch ladies, who will go to South-Africa to help the poor children: like orphans, abused and abandoned children.


 They will spend the donated money to food, clothes and education


On their Facebook Page ”Thamsanqa Project 2013 Mariette & Irma Cardon” you can read more about it  here is the link to it:




They plan to go on their mission to South-Africa on August 1st, 2013.
They promised to keep us up to date by sending us pictures of the project.
So we will show you the pictures as soon as we received them.
Below you can see what we gave to support them in the name of our group.


You see here that we gave 3 MJ T-shirts , The MJ BAD CD , Cards with drawings and MJ quotes on it and MJ pins for every Child and a cheque off 200 Euro to support their mission

Hello my dear friends,


We had some money left from our last visit to the children and why not making other children happy.

So today 05/12/2013 we sent candy to America to support Operation Michael Jackson another group that do lovely things around MJ and children On 06/23/2013 Jacqueline will visit the Ronald McDonald house in Danville, Pa. and hold an Ice Cream and Candy Carnival in Michael's name for the kids and adults staying there, near the Geisinger
hospital and she will also visit the children at the hospital
If you want to know more you can read in the group. By clicking on the link to their Group:




We do this with much L.O.V.E. from our hearts.

Here you can see the Candy we send to America.

And that the candy arriving to Jacqueline.

             There is nothing more beautiful than making children happy!!

                    It's all for L.O.V.E


                         Nothing can be published from this website, for the privacy of all the children.