Welcome to our website !


Hello my dear MJ friends 



We are two Belgian Michael Jackson fans named Marie-Ange , Chantal  assisted by one MJ fan from the Netherlands named Christine. And we are so proud to present our activities to you.

Two times a year we visit ill children in a hospital here in Belgium.


We make a visit around Easter time and the other around Christmas time.


We visit on a regularly basis also a burn center for children and support a cause that helps these children with their recovery.



We think it’s very important to keep Michael’s legacy alive, and to help restore his reputation in the world. 



Michael visited lots of children in hospitals around the world with lots of presents.

He made many children happy, he made them smile all the time. 

And this is why we created this website.


Because we are so tired of all the false accusations, we started this tribute to show the world the real Michael Jackson,

who held children and the world problems close to his heart.


This is a side of Michael Jackson , which until now some people have never seen.


It’s amazing how people get stuck in the past and still don’t seem to have any notion how Michael really was.


Next to his great talent of singing and dancing, he was also a man with a Heart of Gold.

We want to show the world what a caring, wonderful man he was.

And with this tribute we found our way to show this.


Take a look at this video and you can see for yourself what Michael did in his life.

On the following pages we will give you more information about our hospital visits.

You can take a look.

                    It's all for L.O.V.E

                         Nothing can be published from this website, for the privacy of all the children.